Are you a Carer?

A family carer can be a husband, wife, partner, son, daughter, mother, father, grandparent, grandchild, a friend or a neighbour.

Many people don’t see themselves as family carers. Statistically, it takes 2 years for people to recognise themselves in this role.

A carer’s life is often restricted by the need to be on-call because the person you look after cannot be safely left alone. We are here to help you. It doesn’t matter if it’s for one hour or 24 hours a day. Time off for yourself can have an enormous benefit to your health and lifestyle. You can trust us to safely look after your loved one as our carers are trained to enable you to have peace of mind while you take time off.

Not sure if you are a family carer? Read our carer checklist to find out.

Many family carers feel guilty about asking for or wanting help – please don’t – we are here to help you… We are only a local phone call away: 01452 302542 OR

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