Caring Workplaces

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Supporting the carers in your workforce makes business sense.

Did you know 1 in 7 employees are providing care outside of work?

Skills shortages are rising, can your business afford to lose valuable employees?

With 600 people today alone becoming carers your workforce will have many unpaid family carers whether they have told you or not.

Recognising and supporting carers holds benefits for your business, including:

  • Retain experienced staff
  • Become a more attractive employer – attracting more talent
  • Reducing sickness absences
  • Reducing stress and improving wellbeing
  • Improving morale and increasing productivity
  • Improving service delivery
  • Producing cost savings
  • Promoting inclusion & diversity

Embedding flexible working approaches and effective support structures whilst co-producing support with your staff working carers will bring these significant benefits to your business and the local economy.

Setting up a working carer support group can help your employees balance work and caring role responsibilities


Use our ‘Workplace Peer support Network Video’ to promote awareness in
your organization and build your network for your employee working carers

Unpaid Carers – Working Carers – Juggling Work and Care

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Support for Working Carers

Are you juggling work with looking after someone?

Does someone you look after requires emotional support, practical help, financial guidance, or supporting with communicating?

If you are looking after someone because of illness, fragility, mental health, substance misuse or disability we want to hear from you.

Recognising yourself as a carer is often difficult. If you are unsure consider some of the following misconceptions:

  • You do not have to live with the person you support, many people provide care from a distance
  • You may be caring for one or more people at the same time
  • Sometimes more than one person provides care – shared caring roles
  • Carers can provide a few hours of care a week, or be on call 24 hours a day
  • Carers can be of any age
  • Carers may be bringing up a family while caring
  • Carers may also be working alongside caring

If you are trying to juggle caring with paid employment you are not alone. You can read about other Gloucestershire working carers stories here.

In fact, the UK has nearly 7 million working carers – many of whom find themselves under additional stress and pressure.

If this sounds like you and you want to find out more about respite, your rights, and the support that is available view our Working Carer Directory of Information

Click on the pages below to flip through our Working Carer Directory of Information

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