Support for Employers

Supporting the carers in your workforce makes business sense.

Employer Commitment

If you are a local employer interested in realising the benefits of supporting working carers act now!

Start today and take the first step by ‘Committing’ to providing support for your current working carers and future recruits. Taking this initial step can produce cost advantages through improved recruitment and retention

Become a ‘Committed Employer’

Step 1 – Make Your Commitment to Working Carers

Take your first step in gaining the confidence of your working carers by making a senior-level commitment to providing support for your staff working carers.

Establishing and effectively communicating your commitment to working carers will ensure your staff feel more confident to ask for support. Reducing the likelihood of those struggling alone who may feel that their only option is to leave their current role; reduce their hours; or not apply for a role in the first instance.

“Only two-fifths of working carers believed their employer was carer-friendly, with more than a quarter failing to discuss their caring role with anyone at their workplace, most commonly because they believed nothing would change if they did.” (June 2021, CIPD

Check out our own senior-level commitment at Crossroads Care Gloucestershire.

By making a Carer Commitment and communicating it to all staff you can change the culture of your organisation to one openness and support for all working carer employees

Unpaid carers sometimes don’t feel confident enough to ask for the small things that help them enter employment or maintain a job role.

Take a look at some of the support and information we have provided at local Gloucestershire employer workplaces. Invite our Crossroads Team in to provide information about accessing Respite and Breaks. To find out more contact us reference ‘Employer
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