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Research tells us that local working carers often feel that the organisations that they work for ‘say’ they support carers, but those words often don’t translate into the action and support that they most need. Employers’ attempts to highlight working carers can be viewed as ticking boxes rather than listening and taking action.

Working carers often find themselves needing to seek alternative employment or unable to apply for a vacancy that they have the skills and experience to excel at, and this can leave working carers underemployed.

At the same time, employer’s experiences show that they often struggle to know how best to support the working carers they are aware of. Consequently, employers have difficulties in recruiting staff, and find lower retention of staff can create skill gaps in their organisations, impacting growth and competitive advantages.

What can my Organisation Do?

Become a Caring Workplace Gloucestershire accredited employer. Crossroads care Gloucestershire can offer you specialist advice and support to gain everything you need for the accreditation

As an accredited employer your organisation will be identified to the local workforce as an employer that understands the importance of supporting this segment of the workforce.

Best Practice

There are 3 stages to our local accreditation scheme. Each level is based on best practice suggestions from working carer feedback in Gloucestershire, Carers UK ‘State of Caring 2017’ survey, and those conducted by CIPD (2016), and are built around the ADASS Top Tips for Supporting Working Carers (2017)

Find out more about what’s involved at each stage by contacting our Team today today at 01452 933503 or email: info@crossroadscareglos.org.uk




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