Lindsay’s story

Lindsay works as a full-time nurse whilst caring for her mother who has been diagnosed with mixed dementia.  She juggles caring for her mother alongside her job as a nurse and when she can, balance childcare to support her daughter with her grandchildren. The number of ‘sandwich carers’ like Lindsay are on the rise with people living longer and remaining in the workforce for longer. Unpaid carers find themselves providing both childcare and unpaid care for those with unmet needs.

“I know people like myself don’t consider themselves carers, because you’re husband, wife, son, or daughter and you just see it as naturally caring for people. I guess you feel like a carer when it gets hard when you feel it’s a struggle.”

“At my age now, you meet people and it’s often the case that they have older relatives to support with many more people living longer. Many of my work colleagues also have care responsibilities.”

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