Rebecca’s story

Rebecca began caring for her husband 29 years ago alongside looking after her disabled daughter. Her husband has several health conditions including sight loss, Parkinson’s, liver and kidney disease. She has taken on multiple additional care roles for other relatives throughout this timeframe whilst simultaneously working as a project manager for the NHS.

Rebecca gradually reduced her hours to part-time…

“I didn’t tell my employer why, I just said that I wanted to cut my hours down. The thing is a lot of people are afraid to tell their employer that they’re a carer.”

“My employer probably was aware that I cared because my daughter was in the hospital, where I worked. But carers didn’t seem to exist, as far as work was concerned. Even when I had appraisals, I was never asked. I wasn’t aware of any support in the NHS for unpaid carers.”

“Now I’m a chair of a charity, where we do appraisals every year, asking if someone is supporting someone is always one of the first questions we ask, including volunteers. From my personal experience, as the person that does the appraisals, I know how to ask those questions.”

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