Community Fundraising


We are thrilled that you have chosen to support us by fundraising for us in your own community

Get involved and channel that energy and enthusiasm you have for our work; because you, or someone you know has experienced our services and felt the impact of our life changing support.


There are 2 main ways to get involved

1. Have your own fundraising idea?

To get yourself started have a think about things that you enjoy doing. This way you’ll be certain to be putting the ‘fun’ into fundraising! Do you enjoy organising events? Do you like taking on Challenges? Do you knit or make other craft items? Are you an artist? Is there a local event that you would like to attend on our behalf? Do you work in a profession that could help us? Are you a solicitor? If so you could help us with our legacy and in memory of campaigns. Or perhaps you run a business that could host an event?

It doesn’t have to be you directly that helps us, you may have a relative who has access to an excellent venue, is a performer of some kind, or works in catering and you could approach them on our behalf to donate a ‘gift in kind’.

Then call our community fundraiser to talk through your ideas Claire is available part time in the Gloucester office on 01452 302542.

2. Help us with our fundraising activities

  • Building on the growing popularity of craft and all things ‘home-made’ we are keen to find people who can make hand crafted items that we can sell on behalf of our charity. For example, this Christmas several of our carers have made Christmas tree decorations that we are using to decorate our Christmas trees in Stroud and Leckhampton Parish Churches. These can then be sold to raise money for our charity. Next year we would like to run some craft groups to produce an abundance of Christmas decorations what we can sell at craft markets across the county. Could you volunteer to help us make products that we can sell throughout the year?
  • We would like to make good use of the abundance of produce flowing from our soils. Could you donate the excess from your vegetable patch, greenhouse or orchard? Or make jams, preserves and chutneys? These could be sold for donations to friend, colleagues, family, neighbours or sold at a village show.
  • Could you host a coffee morning or other small event in your home? If you enjoy getting involved with events would you like to join our events team?
  • Are you able to help out during carers to celebrate the role of our county carers and raise the profile of how our work helps them to carry on their caring role in the home.
  • Don’t forget to follow us on facebook and share our fundraising activities with your friends.

Anyone can get involved in fundraising for us. It may be that you have a skill or interest which you can exploit to help you to raise money. You may be a runner or swimmer, enjoy running raffles, sing in a choir or you may have experienced our work and be willing to talk about how our work changed your life by providing you with the support you needed to manage your caring role.

Pick up the phone today and call Claire Community Fundraiser on 01452 302542 to talk through your fundraising ideas or email

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