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Thank you for choosing to donate today. There is no upper or lower limit on the size of your donation. Whatever the size of your donation you can be sure that it will go directly to provide breaks for carers in Gloucestershire.

How will your donations make a difference?


The value of small donations come in their quantity and the effect that they can have when they accumulate, we gratefully receive any donations however small.


Here’s some examples of where your money will benefit:


  • A monthly donation of £10 built up over a year, would pay for a 4 hour respite break for a family.


  • A one off donation of £70 could pay for an older person to attend a session at our Day Club with a hot lunch provided


  • £181 could provide a carer with an overnight break.


If you would like to give larger sums of money and discuss what they can be spent on please contact Helen Baker on 01452 302542 OR

There are plenty of ways to donate


A one off donation

All donations however small will make a difference to the lives of carers in Gloucestershire, to make a one off donation simply click on the link at the top of the page ‘Make a Donation’.

A regular monthly donation

If you are able to commit to a regular donation it is particularly beneficial as it allows us to plan our services from our known income streams and this cuts down our administrative costs. Please contact Leah in the office on 01452 302542 and she will send you the relevant paperwork.

In Memory

If you wish to give a donation in memory to a loved one please use the “Make a Donation”link.

A Gift in your Will

Naming Crossroads Care Gloucester as a beneficiary of one of your assets, such as your retirement plan or life assurance policy, is a convenient way to assist the continuing essential care services we provide. Any gift in your Will must be discussed with your legal advisor. For more details please see the ‘Giving in Memory” page.

Here’s how to make sure that your gift is tax efficient

No two days are the same. This morning I had to find my clients 40 year old tortoise in the garden shed that had gone missing, he was so relieved when I did!

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