Employers and Working Carers can access FREE support through Crossroads Care Gloucestershire

Crossroads Care Gloucestershire is offering FREE Carer Awareness training to all employers within Gloucestershire, Cotswolds, Cheltenham, Stroud, Tewkesbury,

and Forest of Dean postcodes


As part of the new support offer available to local employers through the Working Carers Project, Crossroads Care Gloucestershire is delighted to have secured funding as part of the Carers Trust ‘Making Carers Count’ programme which aims to reach under-represented carer groups who may be lacking vital support and information. 


Jessica, Crossroads Care Gloucestershire Working Carer Project manager:


‘We have noticed that a growing number of unpaid carers who are using our respite and breaks services are struggling with increasingly reduced health care service provisions.


‘Many of these unpaid carers are also working carers, juggling full or part-time employment with support and care to someone who is older, ill and vulnerable, has physical or mental health difficulties, or struggles with substance misuse or addiction.



Working carers tell us:


  • They face difficulties accompanying those they care for to medical appointments. Squeezed GPs services mean that organising appointment times around working hours is becoming increasingly challenging, and working carers feel their only option is to use their own holiday entitlement, or even take a sick day to ensure a loved one gets the medical consultation they need. 


  • They feel worn out by a system that is frequently failing them—and those they care for—and they are forced to reduce their hours or turn down promotion opportunities, disadvantaging their careers.


  • Managers often don’t recognise the challenges of care giving and the energy and effort that goes into the role. Working carers are twice as likely as their non-care giving colleagues to develop a chronic illness or struggle with depression.



The pressures on working carers are huge. We are seeing droves of carers having to give up employment completely to manage their caring role and this causes loss of earning potential,  security, personal savings, retirement benefits, and overall long-term wellbeing.  22% of unpaid carers in this country live in poverty – a staggering 5% higher than the national average of those not in caring role. 


The impact of this is far-reaching within the local economy too: as demand for care giving is only set to increase, the pool of talent will shrink at a time when employers are struggling to recruit and retained talent in their workforce.


Crossroads Care Gloucestershire believe that progressive companies will choose to protect themselves and their workforce by becoming carer aware, and so we are offering FREE Training to help businesses:   


  • identify carers within their workforce, building staff confidence to ask for and receive the help they need. 


  • improve the stigma of care in the workplace and ensure all workers are supported to integrate their personal and work lives.


  • give working carers to the best opportunity to do their jobs effectively. 


Our project is aimed at helping local businesses become a Caring Workplace accredited employer receiving recruitment benefits and the loyalty of your workforce. 


Interested in booking a session, or finding out more?

Email: workingcarers@crossroadscareglos.or.uk or call Jessica on 01452 933503


Carers seeking support can visit workingcarers@crossroadscareglos.or.uk, or call Lisa on 01452 933503



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