Our thanks to Nationwide Building Society

In 2022 we received a generous grant from Nationwide Building Society Colleague Grants.  The grant enabled us to purchase a specialist piece of equipment for our Day Club Services.

The OMI table uses the design of interactive projections for multi-sensory use.  It can help people to feel connected, energised and as an interaction for dementia care it is proving to be very beneficial.  It encourages people to take part in an activity rather than passively watch, and is great for people to enjoy meaningful activities together.

Activities on the table can include:

  • Interactive quizzes to encourage discussion and memory recall
  • Scenes and sounds from nature ie: water pond effects
  • Social games with increasing difficulty and rewards promoting dexterity
  • Nostalgic themes and music to stimulate conversation and support reminiscence work

We take the portable OMI table to all of our Azalea Day Clubs as an activity people can enjoy.  Instantly we saw people engage in the various activities, even those who will often watch.  The enjoyment on people’s faces is a delight to see.

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